resqpy.olio.transmission.half_cell_t_2d_triangular_precursor(p, t)[source]

Creates a precursor to horizontal transmissibility for prism grids (see notes).

  • p (numpy float array of shape (N, 2 or 3)) – the xy(&z) locations of cell vertices

  • t (numpy int array of shape (M, 3)) – the triangulation of p for which the transmissibility precursor is required


a pair of numpy float arrays, each of shape (M, 3) being the normal length and flow length relevant for flow across the face opposite each vertex as defined by t


this function acts as a precursor to the equivalent of the half cell transmissibility functions but for prism grids; for a resqpy VerticalPrismGrid, the triangulation can be shared by many layers with this function only needing to be called once; the first of the returned values (normal length) is the length of the triangle edge, in xy, when projected onto the normal of the flow direction; multiplying the normal length by a cell height will yield the area needed for transmissibility calculations; the second of the returned values (flow length) is the distance from the trangle centre to the midpoint of the edge and can be used as the distance term for a half cell transmissibilty; this function does not account for dip, it only handles the geometric aspects of half cell transmissibility in the xy plane