Low level supporting modules, mostly providing functions rather than classes.


Small utility functions related to use of pure binary files


Base class for generic resqml objects.


Simple functions relating to cartesian grid boxes

resqpy.olio.class_dict a simple dictionary mapping resqml class names to more readable names.


Support for consolidation of datasets based on equivalence between parts .

resqpy.olio.dataframe classes for storing and retrieving dataframes as RESQML objects.


Custom exceptions used in resqpy.


Factorization and functions supporting grid extent determination from corner points.

resqpy.olio.fine_coarse Module providing support for grid refinement and coarsening.


Miscellaneous functions relating to grids

resqpy.olio.intersection functions to test whether lines intersect with planes.


Basic functions for searching for keywords in an ascii control file such as a nexus deck.


Functions to load data from various ASCII simulator file formats.

resqpy.olio.point_inclusion functions to test whether a point is within a polygon; also line intersection with planes.


Module providing wrapper for random number generator seeding functions.

resqpy.olio.read_nexus_fault functions for reading Nexus fault definition data from an ascii file.

resqpy.olio.relperm class for dataframes of relative permeability data as RESQML objects.

resqpy.olio.simple_lines functions for handling simple lines in relation to a resqml grid.

resqpy.olio.time A very thin wrapper around python datetime functionality, to meet resqml standard.

resqpy.olio.trademark module for mentioning trademarks in diagnostic log


Transmissibility functions for grids.

resqpy.olio.triangulation functions for finding Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi graph from a set of points.

resqpy.olio.uuid Thin wrapper around python uuid (universally unique identifier) module.

resqpy.olio.vdb Module providing functions for reading from VDB datasets.


Utilities for working with 3D vectors in cartesian space.

resqpy.olio.volume Functions to calculate volumes of hexahedral cells; assumes consistent length units.


Module for loading WELLSPEC files.


Array writing functions

resqpy.olio.write_hdf5 Class to write a resqml hdf5 file and functions for copying hdf5 data.

resqpy.olio.xml_et Resqml xml element tree utilities module.

resqpy.olio.xml_namespaces Module defining constant resqml xml namespaces.


Functions for reading zmap and roxar format files.