resqpy.olio.transmission.fault_connection_set(grid, skip_inactive=False)[source]

Builds a GridConnectionSet for juxtaposed faces where there is a split pillar, with fractional area data.

  • grid (grid.Grid object) – the grid for which a fault connection set is required

  • skip_inactive (boolean, default False) – if True, connections where either cell is inactive will be excluded


(GridConnectionSet, numpy float array of shape (count, 2)) where the connection set identifies all cell face pairs where there is juxtaposition and the array contains the fraction of the face areas that are juxtaposed; count is the number of cell face pairs in the connection set


the current algorithm is designed for faults where slip has occurred along pillars – sideways slip (strike-slip) will currently cause erroneous results; inaccuracies may also arise as pillars become less straight, less co-planar or less parallel; the combination of non-parallel pillars and layers of non-uniform thickness can produce inaccuracies in some situations; if the grid does not have split pillars (ie. is unfaulted), or if there are no qualifying connections across faults, then (None, None) will be returned; as fractional areas are returned, the results are applicable whether xy & z units are the same or differ