resqpy.olio.vector_utilities.points_in_triangles(p, t, da, projection='xy', edged=False)[source]

Returns 2D numpy bool array indicating which of points da are within which triangles.

  • p (numpy float array of shape (N, 2 or 3)) – points in use as vertices of triangles

  • t (numpy int array of shape (M, 3)) – indices into first axis of p defining the triangles

  • da (numpy float array of shape (D, 2 or 3)) – points to test for

  • projection (string, default 'xy') – one of ‘xy’, ‘xz’ or ‘yz’ being the direction of projection, ie. which elements of the second axis of p and da to use; must be ‘xy’ if p and da have shape (N, 2)

  • edged (bool, default False) – if True, points lying exactly on the edge of a triangle are included as being in the triangle, otherwise they are excluded


numpy bool array of shape (M, D) indicating which points are within which triangles


the triangles do not need to be in a consistent clockwise or anti-clockwise order