, keyword)

Returns a new PropertyCollection with parts that match the property kind and facet deduced for the keyword.

  • collection – an existing PropertyCollection from which a subset will be returned as a new object; the existing collection might often be the ‘main’ collection holding all the properties for a supporting representation (grid or wellbore frame)

  • keyword (string) – a simulator keyword for which the property kind (and facet, if any) can be deduced


a new PropertyCollection containing those memners of collection which have the property kind (and facet, if any) as that deduced for the keyword


this function is particularly relevant to grid property collections for simulation models; the handling of simulator keywords in this module is based on the main grid property keywords for Nexus; if the resqml dataset was generated from simulator data using this module then the result of this function should be reliable; resqml data sets from other sources might use facets if a different way, leading to an omission in the results of this function