resqpy.olio.triangulation.surrounding_xy_ring(p, count=12, radial_factor=10.0, radial_distance=None)[source]

Creates a set of points surrounding the point set p, in the xy plane.

  • p (numpy float array of shape (..., 3)) – xyz set of points to be surrounded

  • count (int) – the number of points to generate in the surrounding ring

  • radial_factor (float) – a distance factor roughly determining the radius of the ring relative to the ‘radius’ of the outermost points in p

  • radial_distance (float) – if present, the radius of the ring of points, unless radial_factor results in a greater distance in which case that is used


numpy float array of shape (count, 3) being xyz points in surrounding ring; z is set constant to mean value of z in p