resqpy.multi_processing.mesh_from_regular_grid_column_property_wrapper(index: int, parent_tmp_dir: str, grid_epc: str, grid_uuid: Union[UUID, str], prop_uuids: List[Union[UUID, str]]) Tuple[int, bool, str, List[Union[UUID, str]]]

Multiprocessing wrapper function of the Mesh from_regular_grid_column_property method.

  • index (int) – the index of the function call from the multiprocessing function

  • parent_tmp_dir (str) – the parent temporary directory path from the multiprocessing function

  • grid_epc (str) – epc file path where the grid is saved

  • grid_uuid (UUID or str) – UUID (universally unique identifier) of the regular grid object

  • prop_uuids (list of UUID or str) – a list of the property uuids used to create each Mesh and their relationship


Tuple containing – - index (int): the index passed to the function - success (bool): True if all the Mesh objects could be created, False otherwise - epc_file (str): the epc file path where the objects are stored - uuid_list (List[UUID/str]): list of UUIDs of relevant objects


Use this function as argument to multiprocessing function; it will create a new model that is saved in a temporary epc file and returns the required values, which are used in the multiprocessing function to recombine all the objects into a single epc file; applications should generally call mesh_from_regular_grid_column_property_batch() which makes use of this wrapper