resqpy.multi_processing.mesh_from_regular_grid_column_property_batch(grid_epc: str, grid_uuid: Union[UUID, str], prop_uuids: List[Union[UUID, str]], recombined_epc: str, cluster, n_workers: int, require_success: bool = False, tmp_dir_path: Union[Path, str] = '.') List[bool]

Creates Mesh objects from a list of property uuids in parallel.

  • grid_epc (str) – epc file path where the grid is saved

  • grid_uuid (UUID/str) – UUID (universally unique identifier) of the grid object

  • prop_uuids (List[UUID/str]) – a list of the column property uuids used to create each Mesh and their relationship

  • recombined_epc (Path/str) – A pathlib Path or path string of where the combined epc will be saved

  • cluster (LocalCluster/JobQueueCluster) – a LocalCluster is a Dask cluster on a local machine. If using a job queing system, a JobQueueCluster can be used such as an SGECluster, SLURMCluster, PBSCluster, LSFCluster etc

  • n_workers (int) – the number of workers on the cluster

  • require_success (bool, default False) – if True an exception is raised if any failures

  • tmp_dir_path (str or Path, default '.') – the directory within which temporary directories will reside


success_list (list of bool) – A boolean list of successful function calls; one value per batch