resqpy.well.blocked_well_frame.add_blocked_well_properties_from_wellbore_frame(bw, frame_uuid=None, property_kinds_list=None, realization=None, set_length=None, set_perforation_fraction=None, set_frame_interval=False)[source]

Add properties to this blocked well by derivation from wellbore frame intervals properties.

  • bw (BlockedWell) – the blocked well to add properties to

  • frame_uuid (UUID, optional) – the uuid of the wellbore frame to source properties from; if None, a solitary wellbore frame relating to the same trajectory as the blocked well will be used

  • property_kinds_list (list of str, optional) – if present, a list of handled property kinds which are to be set from the wellbore frame properties; if None, any handled property kinds that are present for the wellbore frame will be used

  • realization (int, optional) – if present, wellbore frame properties will be filtered by this realization number and it will be assigned to the blocked well properties that are created

  • set_length (bool, optional) – if True, a length property will be generated based on active measured depth intervals; if None, will be set True if length is in list of property kinds being processed

  • set_perforation_fraction (bool, optional) – if True, a perforation fraction property will be created based on the fraction of the measured depth within a blocked well cell that is flagged as active, ie. perforated at some time; if None, it will be created only if length and permeability thickness are both absent

  • set_frame_interval (bool, default False) – if True, a static discrete property holding the index of the dominant active wellbore frame interval (per blocked well cell) is created


list of uuids of created property parts (does not include any copied time series object)


this method is designed to set up some blocked well properties based on similar properties already established on a special wellbore frame, mainly for perforations and open hole completions; frame_uuid should be specified if there are well logs in the dataset, or other wellbore frames; if a permeability thickness property is being set based on a wellbore frame property, the value is divided between blocked well cells based solely on measured depth interval lengths, without reference to grid properties such as net to gross ratio or permeability; titles will be the same as those used in the frame properties, and ‘PPERF’ for partial perforation; if set_frame_interval is True, the resulting property will be given a soft relationship with the wellbore frame (in addition to its supporting representation reference relationship with the blocked well); a null value of -1 is used where no active frame interval is present in a cell; units of measure will also be the same as those in the wellbore frame; this method only supports single grid blocked wells at present; blocked well and wellbore frame must be in the same model