resqpy.well.add_wells_from_ascii_file(model, crs_uuid, trajectory_file, comment_character='#', space_separated_instead_of_csv=False, well_col='WELL', md_col='MD', x_col='X', y_col='Y', z_col='Z', length_uom='m', md_domain=None, drilled=False)

Creates new md datum, trajectory, interpretation and feature objects for each well in an ascii file.

  • crs_uuid (uuid.UUID) – the unique identifier of the coordinate reference system applicable to the x,y,z data; if None, a default crs will be created, making use of the length_uom and z_inc_down arguments

  • trajectory_file (string) – the path of the ascii file holding the well trajectory data to be loaded

  • comment_character (string, default '#') – character deemed to introduce a comment in the trajectory file

  • space_separated_instead_of_csv (boolean, default False) – if True, the columns in the trajectory file are space separated; if False, comma separated

  • well_col (string, default 'WELL') – the heading for the column containing well names

  • md_col (string, default 'MD') – the heading for the column containing measured depths

  • x_col (string, default 'X') – the heading for the column containing X (usually easting) data

  • y_col (string, default 'Y') – the heading for the column containing Y (usually northing) data

  • z_col (string, default 'Z') – the heading for the column containing Z (depth or elevation) data

  • length_uom (string, default 'm') – the units of measure for the measured depths; should be ‘m’ or ‘ft’

  • md_domain (string, optional) – the source of the original deviation data; may be ‘logger’ or ‘driller’

  • drilled (boolean, default False) – True should be used for wells that have been drilled; False otherwise (planned, proposed, or a location being studied)

  • z_inc_down (boolean, default True) – indicates whether z values increase with depth; only used in the creation of a default coordinate reference system; ignored if crs_uuid is not None


tuple of lists of objects – (feature_list, interpretation_list, trajectory_list, md_datum_list)


ascii file must be table with first line being column headers, with columns for WELL, MD, X, Y & Z; actual column names can be set with optional arguments; all the objects are added to the model, with array data being written to the hdf5 file for the trajectories; the md_domain and drilled values are stored in the RESQML metadata but are only for human information and do not generally affect computations