Source code for resqpy.well.well_utils

""" functions used by the classes in resqpy.well"""

# Nexus is a registered trademark of the Halliburton Company
# RMS and ROXAR are registered trademarks of Roxar Software Solutions AS, an Emerson company

import logging

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

import numpy as np

import resqpy.olio.grid_functions as gf
import resqpy.olio.intersection as intersect
import resqpy.olio.keyword_files as kf
import resqpy.olio.xml_et as rqet

[docs]def load_hdf5_array(object, node, array_attribute, tag = 'Values', dtype = 'float', model = None): """Loads the property array data as an attribute of object, from the hdf5 referenced in xml node. :meta private: """ assert (rqet.node_type(node) in ['DoubleHdf5Array', 'IntegerHdf5Array', 'Point3dHdf5Array']) if model is None: model = object.model h5_key_pair = model.h5_uuid_and_path_for_node(node, tag = tag) if h5_key_pair is None: return None return model.h5_array_element(h5_key_pair, index = None, cache_array = True, dtype = dtype, object = object, array_attribute = array_attribute)
[docs]def extract_xyz(xyz_node): """Extracts an x,y,z coordinate from a solitary point xml node. argument: xyz_node: the xml node representing the solitary point (in 3D space) returns: triple float: (x, y, z) coordinates as a tuple """ if xyz_node is None: return None xyz = np.zeros(3) for axis in range(3): xyz[axis] = rqet.find_tag_float(xyz_node, 'Coordinate' + str(axis + 1), must_exist = True) return tuple(xyz)
[docs]def well_names_in_cellio_file(cellio_file): """Returns a list of well names as found in the RMS blocked well export cell I/O file.""" well_list = [] with open(cellio_file, 'r') as fp: while True: kf.skip_blank_lines_and_comments(fp) line = fp.readline() # file format version number? if line == '': break # end of file fp.readline() # 'Undefined' words = fp.readline().split() assert len(words), 'missing header info (well name) in cell I/O file' well_list.append(words[0]) while not kf.blank_line(fp): fp.readline() # skip to block of data for next well return well_list
# 'private' functions
[docs]def find_entry_and_exit(cp, entry_vector, exit_vector, well_name): """Returns (entry_axis, entry_polarity, entry_xyz, exit_axis, exit_polarity, exit_xyz). :meta private: """ cell_centre = np.mean(cp, axis = (0, 1, 2)) face_triangles = gf.triangles_for_cell_faces(cp).reshape(-1, 3, 3) # flattened first index 4 values per face entry_points = intersect.line_triangles_intersects(cell_centre, entry_vector, face_triangles, line_segment = True) entry_axis = entry_polarity = entry_xyz = exit_xyz = None for t in range(24): if not np.any(np.isnan(entry_points[t])): entry_xyz = entry_points[t] entry_axis = t // 8 entry_polarity = (t - 8 * entry_axis) // 4 break assert entry_axis is not None, 'failed to find entry face for a perforation in well ' + str(well_name) exit_points = intersect.line_triangles_intersects(cell_centre, exit_vector, face_triangles, line_segment = True) exit_axis = exit_polarity = None for t in range(24): if not np.any(np.isnan(exit_points[t])): exit_xyz = exit_points[t] exit_axis = t // 8 exit_polarity = (t - 8 * exit_axis) // 4 break assert exit_axis is not None, 'failed to find exit face for a perforation in well ' + str(well_name) return (entry_axis, entry_polarity, entry_xyz, exit_axis, exit_polarity, exit_xyz)
def _as_optional_array(arr): """If not None, cast as numpy array. note: casting directly to an array can be problematic: np.array(None) creates an unsized array, which is potentially confusing """ if arr is None: return None else: return np.array(arr) def _pl(i, e = False): return '' if i == 1 else 'es' if e else 's' def _derive_from_wellspec_verify_col_list(add_properties): """Verify additional properties to be added to the WELLSPEC file. argument: add_properties (boolean): if True, the additional properties specified will be added to the WELLSPEC file returns: list of columns to be added to the WELLSPEC file """ if add_properties: if isinstance(add_properties, list): col_list = ['IW', 'JW', 'L'] + [col.upper() for col in add_properties if col not in ['IW', 'JW', 'L']] else: col_list = [] else: col_list = ['IW', 'JW', 'L', 'ANGLA', 'ANGLV'] return col_list def _derive_from_wellspec_check_grid_name(check_grid_name, grid, col_list): """Verify the grid object to which the cell indices in the WELLSPEC table belong. arguments: check_grid_name (boolean): if True, the citation title of the grid will be extracted and returned grid (grid object): the grid object whose citation titles will be returned col_list (list): list of strings of column names to be added to the WELLSPEC file; if a citation title is extracted from the grid object, 'GRID' will be added to the col_list returns: string of grid citation title extracted from the grid object list of columns to be added to the WELLSPEC file """ if check_grid_name: grid_name = rqet.citation_title_for_node(grid.root).upper() if not grid_name: name_for_check = None else: col_list.append('GRID') name_for_check = grid_name else: name_for_check = None return name_for_check, col_list