Source code for resqpy.time_series._time_duration

"""Time duration"""

import logging

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

import datetime as dt
import resqpy.time_series as rqts

class TimeDuration:
    """A thin wrapper around python's datetime timedelta objects (not a RESQML class)."""

[docs] def __init__(self, days = None, hours = None, minutes = None, seconds = None, earlier_timestamp = None, later_timestamp = None): """Create a TimeDuration object either from days and seconds or from a pair of timestamps.""" # for negative durations, earlier_timestamp should be later than later_timestamp # or days, hours etc. should typically all be non-positive # ie. days = -1, hours = -12 will be a negative one and a half day duration # whilst days = -1, hours = 12 will be a negative half day duration self.duration = None if earlier_timestamp is not None and later_timestamp is not None: rqts.check_timestamp(earlier_timestamp) rqts.check_timestamp(later_timestamp) if earlier_timestamp.endswith('Z'): earlier_timestamp = earlier_timestamp[:-1] # Trailing Z is not part of iso format if later_timestamp.endswith('Z'): later_timestamp = later_timestamp[:-1] dt_earlier = dt.datetime.fromisoformat(earlier_timestamp) dt_later = dt.datetime.fromisoformat(later_timestamp) self.duration = dt_later - dt_earlier else: if days is None: days = 0 if hours is None: hours = 0 if minutes is None: minutes = 0 if seconds is None: seconds = 0 self.duration = dt.timedelta(days = days, hours = hours, minutes = minutes, seconds = seconds)
[docs] def timestamp_after_duration(self, earlier_timestamp): """Create a new timestamp from this duration and an earlier timestamp.""" if earlier_timestamp.endswith('Z'): earlier_timestamp = earlier_timestamp[:-1] rqts.check_timestamp(earlier_timestamp) dt_earlier = dt.datetime.fromisoformat(earlier_timestamp) dt_result = dt_earlier + self.duration return dt_result.isoformat() + 'Z'
[docs] def timestamp_before_duration(self, later_timestamp): """Create a new timestamp from this duration and a later timestamp.""" if later_timestamp.endswith('Z'): later_timestamp = later_timestamp[:-1] rqts.check_timestamp(later_timestamp) dt_later = dt.datetime.fromisoformat(later_timestamp) dt_result = dt_later - self.duration return dt_result.isoformat() + 'Z'