Source code for resqpy.time_series._geologic_time_series

"""Geologic time series."""

import logging

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

import resqpy.time_series
import resqpy.time_series._any_time_series as ats

class GeologicTimeSeries(ats.AnyTimeSeries):
    """Class for RESQML Time Series using only year offsets (for geological time frames)."""

[docs] def __init__(self, parent_model, uuid = None, title = None, originator = None, extra_metadata = None): """Create a GeologicTimeSeries object, either from a time series node in parent model, or empty. arguments: parent_model (model.Model): the resqpy model to which the time series will belong uuid (uuid.UUID, optional): the uuid of a TimeSeries object to be loaded from xml title (str, optional): the citation title to use for a new time series; ignored if uuid is not None originator (str, optional): the name of the person creating the time series, defaults to login id; ignored if uuid is not None extra_metadata (dict, optional): string key, value pairs to add as extra metadata for the time series; ignored if uuid is not None returns: newly instantiated GeologicTimeSeries object note: if instantiating from an existing RESQML time series, its Time entries must all have YearOffset data which should be large negative integers :meta common: """ self.timeframe = 'geologic' self.timestamps = [] # ordered list of (large negative) ints being year offsets from present super().__init__(model = parent_model, uuid = uuid, title = title, originator = originator, extra_metadata = extra_metadata) if self.extra_metadata is not None and self.extra_metadata.get('timeframe') == 'human': raise ValueError('attempt to instantiate a geologic time series for a human timeframe time series')
[docs] @classmethod def from_year_list(cls, parent_model, year_list, title = None, originator = None, extra_metadata = {}): """Creates a new GeologicTimeSeries from a list of large integers representing years before present. note: the years will be converted to negative numbers if positive, and sorted from oldest (most negative) to youngest (least negative) :meta common: """ assert isinstance(year_list, list) and len(year_list) > 0 negative_list = [] for year in year_list: assert isinstance(year, int) if year > 0: negative_list.append(-year) else: negative_list.append(year) gts = cls(parent_model, title = title, originator = originator, extra_metadata = extra_metadata) gts.timestamps = sorted(negative_list) return gts
[docs] def is_equivalent(self, other_ts): """Returns True if the this geologic time series is essentially identical to the other; otherwise False.""" super_equivalence = super().is_equivalent(other_ts) if super_equivalence is not None: return super_equivalence return self.timestamps == other_ts.timestamps # has no tolerance of small differences