Source code for resqpy.surface._combined_surface

"""Combined surface class."""

import logging

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

import numpy as np

class CombinedSurface:
    """Class allowing a collection of Surface objects to be treated as a single surface.
    Not a RESQML class in its own right.

[docs] def __init__(self, surface_list, crs_uuid = None): """Initialise a CombinedSurface object from a list of Surface (and/or CombinedSurface) objects. arguments: surface_list (list of Surface and/or CombinedSurface objects): the new object is the combination of these surfaces crs_uuid (uuid.UUID, optional): if present, all contributing surfaces must refer to this crs note: all contributing surfaces should be established before initialising this object; all contributing surfaces must refer to the same crs; this class of object is not part of the RESQML standard and cannot be saved in a RESQML dataset - it is a high level derived object class """ assert len(surface_list) > 0 self.surface_list = surface_list self.crs_uuid = crs_uuid if self.crs_uuid is None: self.crs_uuid = surface_list[0].crs_uuid self.patch_count_list = [] self.triangle_count_list = [] self.points_count_list = [] self.is_combined_list = [] self.triangles = None self.points = None for surface in surface_list: is_combined = isinstance(surface, CombinedSurface) self.is_combined_list.append(is_combined) if is_combined: self.patch_count_list.append(sum(surface.patch_count_list)) else: self.patch_count_list.append(len(surface.patch_list)) t, p = surface.triangles_and_points() self.triangle_count_list.append(len(t)) self.points_count_list.append(len(p))
[docs] def surface_index_for_triangle_index(self, tri_index): """Return the index of the surface containing the triangle and local triangle index. Arguments: tri_index: triangle index in the combined surface """ for s_i in range(len(self.surface_list)): if tri_index < self.triangle_count_list[s_i]: return s_i, tri_index tri_index -= self.triangle_count_list[s_i] return None
[docs] def triangles_and_points(self): """Returns the composite triangles and points for the combined surface.""" if self.triangles is None: points_offset = 0 for surface in self.surface_list: (t, p) = surface.triangles_and_points() if points_offset == 0: self.triangles = t.copy() self.points = p.copy() else: self.triangles = np.concatenate((self.triangles, t.copy() + points_offset)) self.points = np.concatenate((self.points, p.copy())) points_offset += p.shape[0] return self.triangles, self.points