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"""Class for a welllog, representing resqml properties for well logs"""

import logging

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

import as rqp_pc

class WellLog:
    """Thin wrapper class around RESQML properties for well logs."""

[docs] def __init__(self, collection, uuid): """Create a well log from a part name.""" self.collection: rqp_pc.PropertyCollection = collection self.model = collection.model self.uuid = uuid part = self.model.part_for_uuid(uuid) indexable = self.collection.indexable_for_part(part) if indexable != 'nodes': raise NotImplementedError('well frame related property does not have nodes as indexable element') #: Name of log self.title = self.model.citation_title_for_part(part) #: Unit of measure self.uom = self.collection.uom_for_part(part)
[docs] def values(self): """Return log data as numpy array. Note: may return 2D numpy array with shape (num_depths, num_columns). """ part = self.model.part_for_uuid(self.uuid) return self.collection.cached_part_array_ref(part)