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"""Containing resqml propertykind class"""

# Nexus is a registered trademark of the Halliburton Company

import logging

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

import resqpy.olio.uuid as bu
import resqpy.olio.xml_et as rqet
from resqpy.olio.base import BaseResqpy
from resqpy.olio.xml_namespaces import curly_namespace as ns

class PropertyKind(BaseResqpy):
    """Class catering for RESQML bespoke PropertyKind objects."""

    resqml_type = "PropertyKind"

[docs] def __init__(self, parent_model, uuid = None, title = None, is_abstract = False, example_uom = None, naming_system = '', parent_property_kind = 'continuous', extra_metadata = None, originator = None): """Initialise a new bespoke property kind.""" self.is_abstract = is_abstract self.naming_system = naming_system self.example_uom = example_uom self.parent_kind = parent_property_kind super().__init__(model = parent_model, uuid = uuid, title = title, originator = originator, extra_metadata = extra_metadata)
def _load_from_xml(self): root_node = self.root self.is_abstract = rqet.find_tag_bool(root_node, 'IsAbstract') self.naming_system = rqet.find_tag_text(root_node, 'NamingSystem') self.example_uom = rqet.find_tag_text(root_node, 'RepresentativeUom') ppk_node = rqet.find_tag(root_node, 'ParentPropertyKind') assert ppk_node is not None ppk_kind_node = rqet.find_tag(ppk_node, 'Kind') assert ppk_kind_node is not None, 'only standard property kinds supported as parent kind' self.parent_kind = ppk_kind_node.text
[docs] def is_equivalent(self, other_pk, check_extra_metadata = True): """Returns True if this property kind is essentially the same as the other; False otherwise.""" if other_pk is None: return False if self is other_pk: return True if bu.matching_uuids(self.uuid, other_pk.uuid): return True if (self.parent_kind != other_pk.parent_kind or self.title != other_pk.title or self.is_abstract != other_pk.is_abstract or self.naming_system != other_pk.naming_system): return False if (self.example_uom and other_pk.example_uom) and self.example_uom != other_pk.example_uom: return False if check_extra_metadata: if (self.extra_metadata or other_pk.extra_metadata) and self.extra_metadata != other_pk.extra_metadata: return False return True
[docs] def create_xml(self, add_as_part = True, originator = None, reuse = True): """Create xml for this bespoke property kind.""" if reuse and self.try_reuse(): return self.root # check for reusable (equivalent) object pk = super().create_xml(add_as_part = False, originator = originator) ns_node = rqet.SubElement(pk, ns['resqml2'] + 'NamingSystem') ns_node.set(ns['xsi'] + 'type', ns['xsd'] + 'anyURI') ns_node.text = str(self.naming_system) ia_node = rqet.SubElement(pk, ns['resqml2'] + 'IsAbstract') ia_node.set(ns['xsi'] + 'type', ns['xsd'] + 'boolean') ia_node.text = str(self.is_abstract).lower() # note: schema definition requires this field, even for discrete property kinds uom = self.example_uom if uom is None: uom = 'Euc' ru_node = rqet.SubElement(pk, ns['resqml2'] + 'RepresentativeUom') ru_node.set(ns['xsi'] + 'type', ns['resqml2'] + 'ResqmlUom') ru_node.text = str(uom) ppk_node = rqet.SubElement(pk, ns['resqml2'] + 'ParentPropertyKind') ppk_node.set(ns['xsi'] + 'type', ns['resqml2'] + 'StandardPropertyKind') ppk_node.text = rqet.null_xml_text ppk_kind_node = rqet.SubElement(ppk_node, ns['resqml2'] + 'Kind') ppk_kind_node.set(ns['xsi'] + 'type', ns['resqml2'] + 'ResqmlPropertyKind') ppk_kind_node.text = str(self.parent_kind) if add_as_part: self.model.add_part('obj_PropertyKind', self.uuid, pk) # no relationships at present, if local parent property kinds were to be supported then a rel. is needed there return pk
def create_transmisibility_multiplier_property_kind(model): """Create a local property kind 'transmisibility multiplier' for a given model. argument: model: resqml model object returns: property kind uuid """ log.debug("Making a new property kind 'Transmissibility multiplier'") tmult_kind = PropertyKind(parent_model = model, title = 'transmissibility multiplier', parent_property_kind = 'continuous') tmult_kind.create_xml() tmult_kind_uuid = tmult_kind.uuid model.store_epc() return tmult_kind_uuid
[docs]def establish_zone_property_kind(model): """Returns zone local property kind object, creating the xml and adding as part if not found in model.""" zone_pk_uuid = model.uuid(obj_type = 'LocalPropertyKind', title = 'zone') if zone_pk_uuid is None: zone_pk = PropertyKind(model, title = 'zone', parent_property_kind = 'discrete') zone_pk.create_xml() else: zone_pk = PropertyKind(model, uuid = zone_pk_uuid) return zone_pk