Source code for resqpy.organize.frontier_feature

"""Class for RESQML Frontier Feature organizational objects."""

import resqpy.olio.uuid as bu
import resqpy.organize
import resqpy.organize._utils as ou
from resqpy.olio.base import BaseResqpy

class FrontierFeature(BaseResqpy):
    """Class for RESQML Frontier Feature organizational objects."""

    resqml_type = "FrontierFeature"
    feature_name = ou.alias_for_attribute("title")

[docs] def __init__(self, parent_model, uuid = None, feature_name = None, originator = None, extra_metadata = None): """Initialises a frontier feature organisational object.""" super().__init__(model = parent_model, uuid = uuid, title = feature_name, originator = originator, extra_metadata = extra_metadata)
[docs] def is_equivalent(self, other, check_extra_metadata = True): """Returns True if this feature is essentially the same as the other; otherwise False.""" if other is None or not isinstance(other, FrontierFeature): return False if self is other or bu.matching_uuids(self.uuid, other.uuid): return True if check_extra_metadata and not ou.equivalent_extra_metadata(self, other): return False return self.feature_name == other.feature_name
[docs] def create_xml(self, add_as_part = True, originator = None, reuse = True): """Creates a frontier feature organisational xml node from this frontier feature object.""" if reuse and self.try_reuse(): return self.root # check for reusable (equivalent) object return super().create_xml(add_as_part = add_as_part, originator = originator)