Source code for resqpy.olio.trademark

""" module for mentioning trademarks in diagnostic log."""

# Nexus is a registered trademark of the Halliburton Company

import logging as lg

log = lg.getLogger(__name__)

nexus_tm_level = None

[docs]def log_nexus_tm(level = lg.INFO): """Produces a Nexus trademark log message once at the given severity. note: this function should be called after referring to Nexus in another log message, passing the severity of that other message """ global nexus_tm_level if isinstance(level, str): level = lg.__dict__[level.upper()] if nexus_tm_level is None or level > nexus_tm_level: preamble = '(ignore severity) ' if level > 20 else '' log.log(level, preamble + 'Nexus is a registered trademark of the Halliburton Company') nexus_tm_level = level