resqpy.rq_import.add_surfaces(epc_file, crs_uuid=None, surface_file_format='zmap', rq_class='surface', surface_role='map', quad_triangles=False, surface_file_list=None, make_horizon_interpretations_and_features=True)

Process a list of surface files, adding each surface as a new part in the resqml model.

  • epc_file (str) – file name and path to an existing resqml model

  • crs_uuid (uuid.UUID, default None) – uuid for a coordinate reference system. Defaults to crs associated with model (usually the main grid crs)

  • surface_file_format (str, default 'zmap') – ‘zmap’, ‘rms’, ‘roxar’ or ‘GOCAD-Tsurf’. The format of the input file

  • rq_class (str, default 'surface') – ‘surface’ or ‘mesh’. The class of object ot be

  • surface_role (str, default 'map') – ‘map’ or ‘pick’

  • quad_triangles (bool, default False) – if True, 4 triangles per quadrangle will be used for mesh formats, otherwise 2

  • surface_file_list (list, default None) – list of full file names (paths), each holding one surface

  • make_horizon_interpretations_and_features (bool, default True) – if True, feature and interpretation objects are created


resqml model object with added surfaces