resqpy.olio.write_hdf5.copy_h5_path_list(file_in, file_out, hdf5_path_list, mode='w', chunks=None, compression=None)[source]

Create a copy of some hdf5 datasets (or groups), identified as a list of hdf5 internal paths.

  • file_in (string) – path of existing hdf5 file to be copied from

  • file_out (string) – path of output hdf5 file to be created or appended to (see mode)

  • hdf5_path_list (list of string) – the hdf5 internal paths of the datasets (or groups) to be copied

  • mode (string, default 'w') – mode to open output file with; must be ‘w’ or ‘a’ for (over)write or append respectively

  • chunks (string, optional) – if present, one of ‘auto’, ‘all’, ‘slice’; if None, global default will be used; any of the valid strings will actually be treated as ‘auto’

  • compression (string, optional) – if present, either ‘gzip’ or ‘lzf’; if None, global default will be used


number of hdf5 datasets (or groups) copied