resqpy.olio.dataframe.dataframe_parts_in_model(model, timetables=None, title=None, related_uuid=None)[source]

Returns list of part names within model that are representing DataFrame support objects.

  • model (model.Model) – the model to be inspected for dataframes

  • timetables (boolean or None) – if True, only TimeTable dataframe parts will be included; if False only DataFrame parts that are not representing TimeTable objects will be included; if None, both parts for both types of dataframe will be included

  • title (str, optional) – if present, only parts with a citation title exactly matching will be included

  • related_uuid (uuid, optional) – if present, only parts relating to this uuid are included


list of str, each element in the list is a part name, within model, which is representing the support for a DataFrame object