resqpy.grid.find_cell_for_x_sect_xz(x_sect, x, z)

Returns the (k0, j0) or (k0, i0) indices of the cell containing point x,z in the cross section.

  • x_sect (numpy float array of shape (nk, nj or ni, 2, 2, 2 or 3) – the cross section x,z or x,y,z data

  • x (float) –

  • z (float) – y-coordinate of point of interest in the cross section space


the x_sect data is in the form returned by x_section_corner_points() or split_gap_x_section_points(); the 2nd of the returned pair is either a J index or I index, whichever was not the axis specified when generating the x_sect data; returns (None, None) if point inclusion not detected; if xyz data is provided, the y values are ignored; note that the point of interest x,z coordinates are in the space of x_sect, so if rotation has occurred, the x value is no longer an easting and is typically picked off a cross section plot