resqpy.derived_model.gather_ensemble(case_epc_list, new_epc_file, consolidate=True, shared_grids=True, shared_time_series=True, create_epc_lookup=True)

Creates a composite resqml dataset by merging all parts from all models in list, assigning realization numbers.

  • case_epc_list (list of strings) – paths of individual realization epc files

  • new_epc_file (string) – path of new composite epc to be created (with paired hdf5 file)

  • consolidate (boolean, default True) – if True, simple parts are tested for equivalence and where similar enough a single shared object is established in the composite dataset

  • shared_grids (boolean, default True) – if True and consolidate is True, then grids are also consolidated with equivalence based on extent of grids (and citation titles if grid extents within the first case are not distinct); ignored if consolidate is False

  • shared_time_series (boolean, default False) – if True and consolidate is True, then time series are consolidated with equivalence based on title, without checking that timestamp lists are the same

  • create_epc_lookup (boolean, default True) – if True, a StringLookupTable is created to map from realization number to case epc path


property objects will have an integer realization number assigned, which matches the corresponding index into the case_epc_list; if consolidating with shared grids, then only properties will be gathered from realisations after the first and an exception will be raised if the grids are not matched between realisations