resqpy.rq_import.add_ab_properties(epc_file, grid_uuid=None, ext_uuid=None, ab_property_list=None)

Import a list of pure binary property array files as grid properties.

  • epc_file (str) – path of existing resqml epc to be added to

  • grid_uuid (UUID, optional) – the uuid of the grid to receive the properties; required if more than one grid present

  • ext_uuid (UUID, optional) – the uuid of the hdf5 extension part to use for the arrays; recommended to leave as None

  • ab_property_list (list of tuples) – each entry contains: (file_name, keyword, property_kind, facet_type, facet, uom, time_index, null_value, discrete, realization)


Model, with the new properties added, with hdf5 and epc fully updated