resqpy.olio.wellspec_keywords.get_well_pointers(wellspec_file: str, usa_date_format: bool = False, no_date_replacement: Optional[date] = None) Dict[str, List[Tuple[int, Union[None, str]]]][source]

Gets the file locations of each well in the wellspec file for optimised processing of the data.

  • wellspec_file (str) – file path of ascii input file containing wellspec keywords.

  • usa_date_format (bool) – if True, the date taken from the wellspec file is in the format MM/DD/YYYY, otherwise it is in the format DD/MM/YYYY.

  • no_date_replacement (, optional) – if there is no date given for a well, this date is used.


well_pointers (Dict[str, List[Tuple[int, None/str]]])

mapping each well name found in

the wellspec file to a list of their file locations and dates as tuples. If there is no date before the well data in the file, the date is None. If there is a FileNotFoundError then None is returned.