resqpy.olio.transmission.half_cell_t_vertical_prism(vpg, triple_perm_horizontal=None, perm_k=None, ntg=None, darcy_constant=None, tolerance=1e-06)[source]

Creates a half cell transmissibilty property array for a vertical prism grid.

  • vpg (VerticalPrismGrid) – the grid for which the half cell transmissibilities are required

  • triple_perm_horizontal (numpy float array of shape (N, 3)) – the directional permeabilities to apply to each of the three vertical faces per cell

  • perm_k (numpy float array of shape (N,)) – the permeability to use for the vertical transmissibilities

  • ntg (numpy float array of shape (N,), optional) – if present, acts as a multiplier in the computation of non-vertical transmissibilities

  • darcy_constant (float, optional) – the value to use for the Darcy constant; if None, a suitable value will be used depending on the length units of the vpg grid’s crs

  • tolerance (float, default 1.0e-6) – minimum half axis length below which the transmissibility will be deemed uncomputable (for the axis in question); NaN values will be returned (not Inf); units are implicitly those of the grid’s crs length units


numpy float array of shape (N, 5) being the per-face half cell transmissibilities for each cell


order of 5 faces matches those of faces per cell, ie. top, base, then the 3 vertical faces; if no Darcy constant is provided, the returned values will have unite of m3.cP/(kPa.d) if the grid has length units of metres, or bbl.cP/(psi.d) if in feet