resqpy.fault.k_gap_connection_set(grid, skip_inactive=True, feature_name='k gap connection', tolerance=0.001)

Returns a new GridConnectionSet representing K face connections where a K gap is zero thickness.

  • grid (grid.Grid) – the grid for which a K gap connection set is required

  • skip_inactive (boolean, default True) – if True, connections are not included where there is an inactive cell above or below the pinchout; if False, such connections are included

  • feature_name (string, default 'pinchout') – the name to use as citation title in the feature and interpretation

  • tolerance (float, default 0.001) – the minimum vertical distance below which a K gap is deemed to be zero thickness; units are implicitly the z units of the coordinate reference system used by grid


this function does not write to hdf5, nor create xml for the new grid connection set; however, it does create one feature and a corresponding interpretation and creates xml for those; note that the entries in the connection set will be for logically K-neighbouring pairs of cells – such pairs are omitted from the standard transmissibilities due to the presence of the K gap layer