resqpy.fault.cell_set_skin_connection_set(grid, cell_set_mask, feature_name, feature_type='geobody boundary', title=None, create_organizing_objects_where_needed=True)

Add a grid connection set containing external faces of selected set of cells.

  • grid (Grid) – the grid for which the connection set is required

  • cell_set_mask (numpy bool array of shape grid.extent_kji) – True values identify cells included in the set

  • feature_name (str) – the name of the skin feature

  • feature_type (str, default 'geobody boundary') – ‘fault’, ‘horizon’ or ‘geobody boundary’

  • title (str, optional) – the citation title to use for the gcs; defaults to the feature_name

  • create_organizing_objects_where_needed (bool, default True) – if True, feature and interpretation objects will be created if they do not exist


the newly created grid connection set


this function does not take into consideration split pillars, it assumes cells are neighbouring based on the cell indices; faces on the outer skin of the grid are not included in the connection set; any cell face between a cell in the cell set and one not in it will be included in the connection set, therefore the set may contain internal skin faces as well as the outer skin