resqpy.weights_and_measures.nexus_uom_for_quantity(nexus_unit_system, quantity, english_volume_flavour=None)

Returns RESQML uom string expected by Nexus for given quantity class and unit system.

  • nexus_unit_system (str) – one of ‘METRIC’, ‘METKG/CM2’, ‘METBAR’, ‘LAB’, or ‘ENGLISH’

  • quantity (str) – the RESQML quantity class of interest; currently suppported: ‘length’, ‘area’, ‘volume’, ‘volume per volume’, ‘permeability rock’, ‘time’, ‘thermodynamic temperature’, ‘mass per volume’, ‘pressure’, ‘volume per time’

  • english_volume_flavour (str, optional) – only needed for ENGLISH unit system and volume, volume per volume, or volume per time quantity; one of ‘PV’, ‘OVER PV’, ‘FVF’, ‘GOR’, ‘surface gas rate’, or ‘saturation’; see notes regarding FVF, also regarding flow rates


str – the RESQML uom string for the units required by Nexus


transmissibility not yet catered for here, as RESQML has transmissibility units without a viscosity component; Nexus volume unit expectations vary depending on the data being handled, and sometimes also where in the Nexus input dataset the data is being entered; resqpy.weights_and_measures.valid_quantities() and valid_uoms() may also be of interest; in the ENHLISH unit system, Nexus expacts gas formation volume factors in bbl / 1000 ft3 but that is not a valid RESQML uom – this function will return bbl/bbl for ENGLISH FVF; also be wary of pore volume units when using the medieval ENGLISH unit system: the OVER keyword expects different units than GRID or recurrent override input; ENGLISH fluid flow rates will be returned as bbl/d unless the flavour is specified as ‘surface gas rate’