resqpy.grid_surface.create_column_face_mesh_and_surface(grid, col_ji0, axis, polarity, quad_triangles=True, as_single_layer=False)

Creates a Mesh and corresponding Surface representing a column face.

  • grid (grid.Grid object) –

  • col_ji0 (int pair) – the column indices, zero based

  • axis (int) – 1 for J face, 2 fo I face

  • polarity (int) – 0 for negative face, 1 for positive

  • quad_triangles (boolean, default True) – if True, 4 triangles are used per cell face; if False, 2 triangles

  • as_single_layer (boolean, default False) – if True, only the top and basal points are used, with the results being equivalent to the grid being treated as a single layer


surface.Mesh, surface.Surface (or None, surface.Surface if grid has k gaps)